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WordPress and Photographic Websites

Although WordPress on its own may be useful for creating some photographic websites, it does not have the support for those websites that it does for other websites. However, wordpress support for photographers can be found with other software such as My Photo CTO which has been specially developed for photographers with their own photographic websites.

WordPress is the most popular software for creating websites and probably over 50% of all websites now online were created using it. The software can also give great support to many of those websites after they have been created however, it does not have the same support for photographic websites and so this was of some concern to many photographers which prompted the development of software specially designed for photographers but as WordPress is so effective in creating websites, the newer software has incorporated the aspects of WordPress which are beneficial to photographers, into their own software.

The creation of a good, well-liked website is important if it is to be used as a marketing tool but one thing which is equally as important as the quality of the website, if not more so, is ensuring that the site is as visible as possible online as after all, what does it matter how good a website is, if no one ever sees it? For this reason, strategies were worked out in order that they could be used to increase a particular websites visibility online and those strategies were called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO strategies can be very successful especially if the right strategy is used for the correct type of website but probably the most popular strategy, for regular websites at least, is the use of keywords which are placed in the text on those websites. When someone makes an online search request the search engine will immediately scour the web for any websites that contain the stated request. Due to the size of the worldwide web it now means that hundreds if not thousands of websites appear on the search engine’s list of results but regardless of how many are listed, it is usual for only the first two or three to be visited by the person making the request. This means that the remaining hundreds of websites are not visited.

When keywords are used, they bring the search engine’s attention to the site when a search request is made and as it has attracted the search engine’s attention, it is placed at the top of the list. This ensures that your website is at least seen when anyone makes relevant requests but that is not the only way SEO can make your site more visible. Another strategy used which can also be effective is known as backlinks and this is where a link to your site is placed on what is known as a host site. Visitors to the host site are therefore encouraged by the link, to also visit your site, increasing your number of visitors.