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The cost of health care in the United States is perhaps the highest in the world and so it is especially important that you have adequate insurance to cover the costs of it. Most people, whilst they are working, are covered by their employer’s group health care insurance plan and whilst we may not get a say in exactly what is covered, it is usually adequate for most people’s health needs.

Of course though, we are always free at any time to buy our own, separate medical insurance if we feel that our employer’s is inadequate but usually in these cases only a supplement is taken out for coverage for those things the employer’s plan does not cover.

On retirement of course, our previous employer’s medical insurance plan will not cover us and so we need some other type of insurance and so acknowledging this, the US government introduced Medicare. This is another word for health insurance that is provided by the government but like any other form of insurance, there are various amounts or types of coverage you can get, some free and others at additional costs.

This government plan has 4 parts, one of which is free and the others which are optional if you want to pay into them. Plus, as with an employer’s insurance plan, there are supplements you can also get to increase the coverage for anything the plan may not already cover.

Part A deals with hospital stays and is the part that is free, whilst Part B deals with doctors’ visits and Part C is an option which is available from insurance companies and is a combination of Parts A and B with the government paying part of the policy’s cost instead of giving their own coverage for those that choose this option.

Part D is the part that deals with the costs of prescription drugs and as those costs can be very high, is one part which most people should look at carefully to see if they can afford as, as we get older we will more than likely need increasing numbers of medications and so any price we pay, should be recouped later.

People are often confused by the different parts of this scheme and get even more confused when supplements are mentioned.

This is perhaps understandable as the different aspects are usually set out in a formal manner, making them hard to understand by anybody not associated with the legal or medical professions. There are however websites that do a far better job of explaining all the different aspects of the scheme, including the various supplements, also known as Medigaps, than the official site does.

It is our health and our money and so it is perhaps essential that we go to one of these easier to understand websites and ensure that we get exactly what we need in terms of health insurance or at the very least, get as much as we can reasonably afford.

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