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Using Employee Advocacy Programs

Employee advocacy programs are a fairly recent addition to the tools available for a business to use to improve its online presence. The best way to use employee advocacy is via an employee advocacy platform which will provide several different programs, one to suit your situation.

You can find out about these programs online but basically they are programs which encourage employees to allow their employers to place brand naming on their social media sites.

By doing this, whenever an employee posts something on their social media site, all their friends will see the branding which will of course advertise the brand.

If the employee’s friends also share the post with their friends, the branding is still there and so will be seen by many more people. If a business has a good relationship with the employees, it may not take much encouraging to convince the staff to join the program but if the relationship between employee and employer is not so good, encouragement or even incentives may be necessary.

As any employee is likely to have more social media friends than the business, by introducing the employees to the program will certainly see the brand being seen by far more people than just having the brand on the business’s social media site would have.

If an employee is not too keen to join the program unless it is included as part of their actual job, as an employer can monitor how effective an employee’s use of the program is, they may offer a reward for outstanding performance and as the employee would be just on the social media site as usual, they often think that they may as well go along with the idea in the hope of receiving some kind of benefit from the employer.

Whether a business decides to use employee advocacy programs or not, they will certainly have to use some kind of online marketing strategy if they want to remain competitive. Today 60% of all business is considered to be carried out online and so if a business is not visible online, it may be missing their share of that 60% of business.

Today it is not just enough to have a website online as all businesses now have that and so for that website to be effective, it must be more visible than their competition’s websites.

As the social media are now the most visited sites on the internet that is obviously the place where a business’s website would be most effective in being seen. Even Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialists are now changing their strategies to ensure that they make use of the social media sites.

SEO had always been very effective without use of the social media sites but now those sites have grown in popularity, they are the sites which must be targeted by any SEO strategies in the future. Don’t forget though that for a website to be most effective, it must be of a high quality.

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