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Joining an Online Dating Site

If you are thinking of joining an online dating site, as there are so many to choose from today, you may be a little confused as to which one to join. One of the problems that lead to this confusion is the fact that most of the sites require that you pay a joining fee before you can even view any of the member’s profiles.

If you cannot view any of the profiles, you will not know if any of the members are what you are looking for. However, one solution or part solution to this dilemma is to go to websites like give you details of some of the free trials that are offered by some of the dating sites. If you take advantage of one of these free trials, you will be able to view member profiles before you actually pay a joining fee.

Most of these free trials will not allow you to see the members contact details but do allow you to see the other profile details. This means that you will be able to see if any of the profiles are likely to fit your preferences.
Today there are basically two major types of online dating sites. The first is the more traditional dating site where members hope to find a partner for a lasting relationship whilst the other type, often referred to as hook-up sites, cater to those that would rather meet someone for a single date, perhaps for no strings attached sex.

If you are looking for true romance, you definitely would not want to join a “hook-up” site by mistake and certainly would not want to have to pay to make your mistake and so free trials are perhaps very worthwhile trying when they are offered.
If you are of a particular faith, age or nationality and would rather meet someone similar, there are many sites today that cater to those that are looking for people a particular religion, background or even profession or of course of a certain age group.

As these have restrictions on who can join their sites, these dating sites tend to have less members than some of the more open sites but although they may have fewer members, all their members will of course have at least one thing in common with you and so your choice may be just as large as it would be on one of the larger sites. Sites like are the largest of the dating sites and one of the reasons for that is that they have no real restrictions on who can join, instead rely on a member to find a match among their large number of members.

Most sites will make recommendations for matches based on questions you answer on joining but these recommendations can vary greatly depending on the number of questions you are asked to answer. While some sites like e-harmony prefer to ask more questions in order to offer more recommendations, other sites prefer for you to browse the profiles and find your own match.

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